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Merica vs the World

The United States of America is at a crossroads.

The institutions that ably rebuilt Europe and Japan after we kicked the dick out of the Nazis and Imperialists in World War 2 are failing. They outlived their usefulness decades ago and now exist primarily to expand the power of the state and control the people. ⁠

The strategies used to invigorate the economy by President Reagan in the 80s are not effective today. Interest rates are insanely low, government spending is insanely high, liquidity is not an issue and "stimulus" programs are pork laden socialist slush funds. ⁠

The House of Representatives is authoritarian. ⁠

The Senate has no balls. ⁠

The President serves at the will of Executive Branch Agencies and out-of-touch over-educated "experts" who control them. ⁠

He can call reporters from CNN #fakenews but, at the end of the day, he will do whatever Dr. Fauci says and will sign whatever Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader McConnell send to the Oval Office.

I mean, after all, the experts from Expert University have declared that to do otherwise is anti-science and sure to kill most of the people you know. ⁠

"What? You don't want your business and community destroyed by arbitrary government dictate? What are you? A homophobe racist?" 

The Corona Pandemic response is a rule-by-experts nightmare of big government cronyism, woke Communist appeasement, political posturing and cover your ass policy making. ⁠

For the most part the American people are lethargic about the "stay at home" ⁠orders eroding our liberty and conditioning us to authoritarianism "for our own good".

Our culture is broken. 

The final phase in the battle for the soul of America and the future of freedom on earth has begun. ⁠

One side will own the future. ⁠

We'll either remain free or succumb to woke totalitarianism. 

I don't know about you, but I was born free, I will live free and I will die free.

I'm not about to lose to a pack of soft-handed Commie nerds. 

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Go Army,

Kalian Osborn

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A Tyranny of Experts

At a recent White House briefing Dr. Fauci said we could relax social distancing once there are "no new cases, no deaths". He further lamented that the real turning point won't happen until we have a vaccine. 

A vaccine is maybe 18 months away. 


He is an expert at stopping the spread of infectious disease. This expertise shapes his recommendations. 

He appears to be a smart man. 

I don't believe he wants society to collapse, schools to close and business owners to go broke. 

He does not appear to be an evil tyrant. In fact, he seems sincere and kind. 

However, he cannot be allowed to make policy for the United States of America. 

His primary concern is the virus. 

Everything else is secondary. 

He will obliterate society to kill the virus because his expertise tells him that's what he should do. Period. End of story. 

Bureaucracy Uses Experts to Beat You Into Submission

If you challenge the draconian shut down of society a litany of government and media types descend upon you like a plague (an actual plague, not COVID-19). 

They suggest you are anti-science, dumb as a bag of hair and want all old people to die. 

They point to an expert or panel of experts then demand fealty to woke tyranny. 

The self be-knighted leaders make decisions "based on what the experts say" to avoid having to make tough choices. 

The Governor of Idaho closed society down with fewer than 100 confirmed cases in the state. 

Our school closed with ZERO confirmed cases. It probably won't re-open this year. 

Why? Our leadership is a bunch of boo-boo-baby-bitch-nerds. They follow the herd and refuse to make tough decisions. 

So, here's the question - what if Dr. Fauci is wrong? What if Dr. Birx is wrong? What if the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) data was garbage and the Imperial College London model was wrong? 

What if we closed society, stomped all over the Bill of Rights and ruined small businesses from sea to shining sea for no good f-ing reason? 

Who will be held accountable? 

Dr. Fauci? The CDC? CNN? FoxNews? The CCP? Lol, yeah right. 

As a society we must demand leaders do what leaders are supposed to do - take info from experts in all fields then come up with a wise solution. 

Since anything and everything in American media revolves around the presidency the focus is on President Trump. 

He will eventually look at the social and economic devastation wrecking America and decide it's time to chart a new course in the fight against Commie COVID-19. 

You need to support him.

Even if you don't like him. 

Even if you think he's a mean, angry racist. It's irrelevant. You can be mad at him again in a few months and can vote to remove him from office in November. 

If he loses the fight to re-open our society a tyranny of experts will be unleashed upon us until a vaccine is widely available in 2021 or 2022. 

It will be rolling lockdowns, 50% unemployment, insane government spending and eventual civil unrest. 

Imagine your town after 2 months of stay-at-home orders. 

Now imagine your town after 18 months of rolling shutdowns. 

It's not a pretty picture. 

But it doesn't have to be that way. 

We just need to stand up and fight back against an out-of-control government drunk on power. 

Join the Merican Revolution

Promote Liberty. Defeat Socialism. Live Free.

What is Merica vs the World?

A political platform and cultural revival.

The Platform

The lethargy epidemic in America can't be fixed by politicians in Washington DC.

However, we cannot pretend politics isn't part of the equation. 

Our liberty has been significantly eroded over the past 20 years because liberty loving Americans fail to recognize the danger posed by political correctness and woke authoritarianism. 

The Wuhan Commie Virus response in America is a perfect storm of liberty destroying idiocy. 

Political Correctness

  • Borders are for Nazis. 
  • Travel bans are racist.
  • Opposition to the Chinese Communist Party is racism.

Woke Authoritarianism 

  • Rule by Experts Dictates.
  • Pushed by a kept media. 
  • Enforced by virtue signaling maniacs on social media. 

Nancy Pelosi, Governor Newsome and Congresshuman Ocasio-Cortez know this is an opportunity to win politically. 

I'm not mad at them. They are smart and have an agenda. 

We need one, too. 

We've built one and it's f-ing awesome. 

We're laying it all out in the Merica vs the World Podcast over the first 20 or so episodes. 

Don't worry. It's the least-boring political podcast of all time. 

The Culture

There are way more Americans who love freedom than there are Americans who love socialism. 

We just need to define the elements that make American culture the best culture on the planet.  

If we do, we will win. 

All these dirty little Commies trying to wreck the economy and our communities won't know what the hell happened. 

We define Americanism like our Founders intended. 

  • Individual Liberty
  • American Capitalism
  • Limited Government 
  • e pluribus unum
  • Equality 

We cover all this stuff for adults in courses here at Merica vs the World and for kids over at Raising Americans. 

Join the Merican Revolution

Promote Liberty. Defeat Socialism. Live Free.


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