Preserve liberty for future generations.

Stop Whining - Start Winning

Land of the Free?  

Liberty loving Americans are losing the culture war to flaccid, woke Commie nerds.

For real.

It's not over, but we are waaaaay behind.

You know what sucks?

We let it happen. 

You know what's even worse? 


  • Small businesses crushed by draconian lockdowns
  • Kids forced masked by a cabal of Karens
  • Government schools laughing at parents while openly teaching anti-Americanism 
  • Racial division promoted in popular culture and stoked in the classroom
  • Americanism mocked by LITERAL COMMUNISTS in the United States of America

We're out here like, "Hey! Someone should do something about this!".

Uh, yeah.

You and me.

We should do something about it. 

Not tomorrow. Today. 

So, what do we do?

We do what Americans are born to do - rebel against tyrants.   

We start small - 

  1. Learn and promote American Ideals. 
  2. Teach our kids American Values.
  3. Organize with other pro-Americans (Promericans). 
  4. Openly demonstrate our patriotism.
  5. Seize power from local tyrants through Nullification by Noncompliance. 

All while being happy...the world has enough angry people.  

Newsletter of Liberty and Justice

Want to know real American history?

Hope to avoid a trip to a woke re-education camp?

Want to eat better, run faster and get less fat? 

Want your kids to grow up in a free and prosperous America? 

Duh. Me, too. (Not #metoo...that is something different.)

Great news!

We have the answer to your "please keep me free out of Gulag" prayers - The Merica vs the World Newsletter of Liberty and Justice. 

Once weekly fancy book learnin' to beat the Commie loving "elites" at their own game. 

I write it myself. 

My team of nerds delivers it straight to your inbox every Sunday morning. 

It's not boring.

In fact, it's f-ing amazing. 

You should sign up. 

I mean, unless you want to live under a less organized, more annoying CCP style government managed by super-geniuses like Dr. Fauci and Governor Newsom. 

Your call. 

I'm just saying $10/month to avoid incarceration and save the free world seems pretty reasonable. 


Merica vs the World Podcast

The least boring American history, economics and political podcast of all time.

No crying about an unfair media.

No shilling for politicians or political parties.

Just education disguised as entertainment. 

Note - any offensive comments are made while identifying as a member of the offended group. 


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Merica Mile - Veterans Day 2021

Want to make America a better, more patriotic place?

Of course you do. 

Join legions of other badasses walking at least 1 mile carrying an American Flag this Veterans Day. 


Confidence in Americanism

I am amazed we lost the culture war to woke Progressives. 

The greatest culture of all time, Americanism, fails to stand up to one of the lamest, Marxism. 

How sad is that? 

Progressives (aka American Commies) in media, government and public education convinced generations of AMERICANS that AMERICA is awful. 

Patriotism is at or near all time lows.

Race relations are getting worse.

Crime is up.

Inflation is on the rise.


Here's the good news - it's not over. 

We can win. 

There has never been a better time to be alive or a better place to live than right here right now.

All we have to do is stand up for and have confidence in American Values. 

The United States of America's rise is the greatest expansion of human freedom since Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. 

When we know the true story of American Exceptionalism 


Promerican Family Resolution

A New Year's Resolution that isn't lame.

Be a better dad.

Turn your family into a weapon of mass Americanization. 

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Accept Reality

The Declaration

Liberty is Black and White

How to Defend America's Founding